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Tips for Renting Portable Toilets for Your Backyard Wedding

portable toilet
Between finding the ideal location and dream gown to determining where to seat your bickering relatives, planning a wedding is all about ironing out the details. If you've decided to let Mother Nature be your wedding location, there is one other issue you need to address: renting portable toilets. It takes more thought and preparation than you might think to ensure that your guests are having fun while also making sure that they have a convenient place to go to the bathroom.
The following are a few tips to help you rent portable toilets for your outdoor wedding.
Don't Wait to Secure Your Portable Toilets 
Depending upon the date of your wedding, don't be surprised if you attempt to rent multiple portable toilets a few days or weeks before the nuptials only to discover that all the units are spoken for. The summer months are filled with festivals, construction jobsites, and other outdoor weddings, and many of these events require portable toilets.
Secure your portable toilets at least three to four months before your wedding day, especially if you are planning to rent several units. Not only will this ensure that you can secure the units, it will also ensure that you can rent as many as you will need to comfortably accommodate your guests.
In addition to the toilets, also consider renting handwashing stations. These will allow the guests to clean up after using the facilities, which is a great way to allow them to enjoy the party without spreading germs.
Figure Out How Many Portable Toilets You Should Rent
Consider renting at least one portable toilet per 15 to 20 guests. For example, if you are expecting 100 people to show up to your wedding, rent at least five to six portable toilets. This is the minimum number of toilets you should considering renting per guest at your wedding. Rent at least one handicap-accessible portable toilet as well.
Even if you don't expect to have any friends or family members with mobility issues at your wedding, someone might show up on crutches or in a wheelchair after suffering an accident right before the wedding. 
Find the Ideal Placement
You must take several factors into consideration when determining the ideal spot for your portable toilets. For example, you'll want to place the toilets on a flat, dry surface. A paved or gravel-covered spot is ideal because it will keep the portable toilets - and the guests - out of the mud if it rains.
Choose a spot that is accessible by a paved or grassy path, but far enough away from the ceremony and reception areas that it allows privacy and isn't near places where people are eating. For instance, you could place the toilets behind an outbuilding or in a wooded area.
Place signs that allow guests to easily locate the portable toilets to cut down on confusion.
Make Your Portable Toilets Look Festive
Portable toilets are a necessity, but chances are that they won't work well with your wedding theme. Place flowers that are featured in the bride's bouquet or centerpieces around the exterior of the portable toilets. Ask the rental agency if you can hang mirrors either inside or outside of the portable toilet. This will allow guests to check their appearance before making their way back to the party.
Decorate a table and place it near the portable toilets. Use the table to provide the guests with small bottles of hand sanitizer and hand lotion, air freshener, or gum. The guests will appreciate this small gesture.
From determining the number of units you will need to finding the right spot for them, when it comes to renting portable toilets for your wedding, there are several factors to consider. If you have any further questions, contact, Upstate Septic Tank, LLC.