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Car Wash Pit Pumping in Greenville

Car Wash

There are a number of runoff regulations and environmental laws that necessitate the use of a catch basin for most car wash establishments. This basin, which is also called a car wash pit, captures the water, soap and solutions that are used to clean cars. If you have one of these at your Greenville establishment, you already know that regular car wash pit pumping is essential. Upstate Septic Tank, LLC specializes in car wash pit cleaning and waste disposal for clients throughout the Greenville area. We are experts, and we understand the importance of being thorough, so let us take care of your cleaning needs.

Pumping and Cleaning Your Catch Basin

There are several steps we take when we service car washes. In order to thoroughly remove all waste and clean the basin completely, we do the following:

  • Remove all debris, waste and sludge by pumping the clarifiers and trench.
  • Perform any necessary maintenance or repair on clarifiers.
  • Transport and dispose of waste materials at approved site.

Maintenance Services for Anderson and Spartanburg

Operating car washes in Greenville is hard work. You must service customers every day, wash cars meticulously and manage your team. Even if you aren’t on the ground level performing the dirty work, managing the details of the business is enough responsibility. One of the many needs you must tend to is keeping the basin clean with regularly scheduled car wash pit pumping. Upstate Septic Tank, LLC offers this and other services, such as emergency septic service, to clients in areas such as Spartanburg, Anderson and the greater Upstate South Carolina area. If you would like to schedule an appointment, please reach out to us at 864-303-1601.